Friday Tidbits

*Honey crisp apples with slices of sharp cheddar. DO IT.

(Seriously.) (I have a sliced apple with cheese and a cup of Tazo Awake every afternoon. It’s perfection.)



Joan and Olive were mother/daughter pioneers, Marin was a pirate, and Kate was a baby. The grand total spent on costumes this year? $2! For the garage sale pirate costume. Joan and Kate had a shift in their attitude about Halloween this year. They waffled between having BIG! IDEAS! of what they wanted to be and having no ideas/interest at all. In the end, they had fun putting together costumes from stuff we had, and it was interesting to see what they came up with.


The baby pioneer dress is something my grandma made for the girls when Marin was a baby. The twins also had dresses made by her (Jenna’s daughter wore one of them this year!), and it was fun to see Olive in something that Marin wore. The bonnets were a gift from East Coast Anne, years ago. Here’s a blast from the past:


*Seeing my big girls be a little indifferent to Halloween had me thinking about teenagers and trick-or-treating. I’d always tolerated teens coming to my door, but inwardly sighed (LOUDLY) if they didn’t have a costume. This article, linked to by the lovely Jess, changed my mind about that. Seriously. I strive to be that kind person that allows teenagers to indulge in some good, juvenile fun for just a little longer.

*We converted our wood burning fireplace to gas and mmmmmmm, it’s going to be a WARM winter. It really is magic, to press a button and have a cozy, warm fire. Also: no more brass!


Now, if only the new-smell would go away when we run it (and the headaches I think I’m getting as a result).

*Speaking of warm, did you know that they make electric throws? You know, like electric blankets, but in throw size instead of bedding size? I’m putting one like this on my Christmas list. (They had one at Target like this in gray, possibly even the same brand. Alas, the Target website is currently down. Does this surprise anyone?)

4 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Cute costumes! I really love the pic of the girls in bonnets and old-fashioned dresses–so Little House!

    RE: the electric throws: YES. I saw one at Costco, and was instantly struck with lust. Husband has some bizarre prejudice against electric blankets, and I have a perfectly understandable and normal aversion to crawling between cold sheets. So, I’m thinking I could tuck and electric throw into my side of the bed for an hour or so before bedtime, and then shut it off after I’m in. That way, I don’t have cold sheets, and he doesn’t have a hot blanket. Theoretically, this should result in happiness for both of us.

  2. Okay, so our fireplace has a smell and your comment made me think that maybe it’s just the newness burning off? We’ve used it only a handful of times in two years, and the house was brand new, and so was the fireplace. It smells like something is melting, but maybe that’s just the New Fireplace Smell?

  3. I love cheese with apples. LOVE. Just got some smoked gouda to go with our granny smith apples. (We have apple trees.)

    And yes I DID know they have throw-sized electric blankets! I bought one for my grandma a few (several?) years ago. Because despite keeping her room set at 85 degrees she was always cold.

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