Merry Christmas to… US!

Well, hello! We are fully immersed in December Fun and Craziness, but I thought I’d drop by and say a few words. We’ve been busy with concerts and more concerts and dance recitals and gymnastics meets, as well as all the holiday prep such as:

Eating candy canes,

and baking cookies,

and decorating our tree.

But our big news is that we got a new puppy!

Her name is Nina. She is (we are told) a 4 month old Bichon/toy poodle mix. She should be about 8-15 lbs as an adult and will not shed (but probably will need regular grooming). She is very sweet and is fitting in well with our family. She seems to catch onto things (like house training) fairly quickly, which is encouraging. She also sleeps all night.

She’s been getting plenty of cuddles and playtime around here.

We tried for quite a while to adopt an adult dog from a rescue, but there were many road blocks for us, mainly that we live too far away from the Twin Cities (65 miles when most rescue’s cut off is 60 miles) to qualify. There are a few local rescues, but they have very low small-dog volume and/or they REQUIRE you to have a fenced yard and/or don’t adopt to family with children under age 10 (WTH?). After having eight or so dogs slip through our fingers, we began to explore the puppy option and fell instantly in love with Nina.

Among other adorable habits, she has taken up with napping with Olive every afternoon. And I’ve taken up photographing them, of course.

She is the Christmas gift that we are giving each other, and despite my initial HOLY SHIT WHY DID WE GET  A PUPPY feelings, I’ve come around. David has too. The kids were goners from the beginning, obviously.

We’re going to be heading to Rapid City for Christmas, so that means we need to be ALL READY for the holiday by this weekend. Which should be doable. I mean, I’m done shopping. Well, almost. And I’ve got my Christmas cards done. Ok, no, they’re not done but they are HERE and I have typed a rough draft of the letter. And I’ve got the wrapping done. Well, the wrapping for my own kids at least. I still have to wrap everything else. And I’ve got the teacher’s gifts figured out. Kind of. (OMFG I’M SO NOT READY.)

But I DID get to see this during nap time today, so all will be well, right?

(I hope you and yours are having a peaceful holiday season, whichever winter holiday you celebrate. xo.)