First World Problems

AHHHHH. This winter, man. I just can’t even anymore.

1. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, really. Just… full of the BLAHs. I mean, seriously. I know, I KNOW, we live in Minnesota, and in Minnesota winter is traditionally brutal. Right? Right! But usually we have either lots of very cold days OR lots of snow. This year we’ve had lots and lots of BOTH. It’s the coldest winter we’ve had in 37 years AND we have above average snow fall. So. While the rest of the world is enjoying spring, we are gazing forlornly at like four feet (or more, if it’s been plowed higher) of gross dirty snow. It’s seriously black and gritty this time of year. And there is just SO MUCH mud and slop in our future before we can even dream of seeing grass again. Ya know?

2. On top of the weather (or possibly BECAUSE of it?), I’ve had a record number of migraines this winter. I usually have them fairly well-managed. Typically I get the beginnings of one about twice a month, and I’m able to stave off 3/4ths of those. Lately I’ve had like 2-4 migraines PER WEEK. Going to bed with an ice pack under my head/neck has become such a habit that I almost… like it? What is this, some migraine sufferers version of Stockholm Syndrome? I’ve heard that other migraine sufferers have had more than usual too, and I have a theory that all the temperature swings (or something fancier like barometric pressure changes) are causing this.  If you live in a similar climate and ALSO have had an increase of migraines this winter, I’d love to hear it. Validation is good, right?

3. I’ve become an awful friend in the process of all of this. I mean, I still regularly see my in-town friends (it’s one of my top three Winter Survival Techniques: SEEING HUMANS), but I seem incapable of doing anything that is not directly in front of my face. It seems that managing four kids and a busy household plus low-energy-winter-blahs makes me… the opposite of proactive. The good news is that the kids’ schedules, while busy, are not overwhelming. We seem to be in a good rhythm, and I am glad for the structure it provides our days and weeks during this otherwise bleak time.

4. It’s currently snowing outside. For real. I’m also recovering from a pretty awful migraine and am only able to type this due to the fact that Olive is currently mesmerized by Frozen (THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME).

5. Ok, fine, it’s not ALL bad around here. A few good things are: our puppy Nina (she’s turned out to be such a good fit for us), all the good books I’ve read lately (the reading tab above is current), our new fireplace that has kept us all toasty warm this winter (and made us realize how COLD we’ve been other winters), and the fact that I’m headed to Vegas with my husband and two other couples in April. Also, one of my close friends is having a baby soon, and she LIVES here, and the thought of having a wee newborn in my daily/weekly life is cheering. It’s been SO LONG since I’ve even held a little baby…