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  1. Congratulations! We had a homebirth with our second daughter, and didn’t tell anyone either. It was awesomeness. Anyway, the thrush. Sucks. I had it SO. BAD. with my first daughter. Did the gentian violet, did the vinegar wash, did the probiotics (orally and topically), did Diflucan, we around floppy and braless, washed everything that came in contact with my breasts in boiling hot bleachy water. And unless I was doped up on Advil it was still torture. The only thing that came close to working was something called “Triple Nipple Cream,” that another mother at a La Leche League meeting recommended to me. It had to be prepared at a compounding pharmacy, but it really did lesson the pain. Eventually, I had to pump some and just get her to nurse less in order to kick it entirely. Turned out she had a little bit of tongue tie, and most importantly, the frenulum attaching her upper lip to her gums was attached very low and was thick and inflexible, causing her latch to be just a this much too shallow. Resulting in pain. Oh the pain! Didn’t figure this our till she was almost two, but whatev, right? First thing I had the midwives check after the apgar scores on number two! With my second though, my nipples were still getting froked over and my rocking lactation consultant helped me get the DEEPEST latch we could manage, really, I thought I knew what I was doing. And I did, but the baby didn’t. And turns out, I needed a refresher on getting the best latch w/ a newborn b/c I was used to nursing my two year old.
    Good luck! And I love her name!

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